Escaping the South Easter

The past week in Cape Town has been a great place to fly a kite or test aerodynamics! The dreaded south easter has been pumping and has made life pretty miserable. Training on the bike with tri bars is a serious test in endurance, balance and survival so I opted for cruising the Constantia Valley early last week 🙂

Unfortunately I picked up a knot in my calf after Die Burger Cycle Race and so I was told by my physio Miranda Symonds to take it easy and swim rather with emphasis on pulling myself through the water.

After a couple of sessions at the always quiet Muizenberg Junior School pool I really wanted to get back into some open water. A dip in the Ocean was a no go due to the hectic chop and recent increased shark activity in the False Bay so I sought out my favourite place, Silvermine Dam.

I managed to get a gap on Saturday in between my work and family commitments to squeeze in a 30 minute swim. Silvermine is usually beautifully tranquil and whilst a little South Easter creates a light breeze a gale force South Easter can make the dam a little choppy.

As per usual I was treated to having the dam to myself and proceeded to get changed into my wetsuit and check out the conditions. There was quite bit of wind causing chop and I figured swimming shorter lengths (approx 100m) abreast the dam wall was a better idea.

It was great and after about 15 minutes in I was joined by a young couple that had just arrived back from an extended stint in Canada (always great to see South Africans returning home).

They shared their stories of travel and triathlon events worldwide and how they were looking forward to settling back into life locally and enjoying the outdoors (without snow for a change). So we shared a couple of laps and then said our goodbyes.

So Escaping the South Easter can often lead to meeting up with interesting people and sharing your passion. So I say blow wind blow, just not on race day please 🙂


About scotttait

Cape Town guy living and loving life under the African Sun. I blog about my passions outside of work. These are Running (trail running particularly), Triathlon, Surfing, life in South Africa and the sporting challenges and races I take part in. If you want to learn more about me go to
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