Think it, Feel it, Do it!

Never has this saying rang so true than today. I finally plucked up the courage to send out my fundraising message to pretty much everyone I know (still ongoing between work commitments).

Some of you that have never watched Blue Horizon (iconic Jack McCoy surf movie) may have never heard the saying “Think It, Feel It, Do It!”. This is a great shame the movie itself is not only a cracking watch about the lives of two very different surfers both on and off the Surfing World Tour Merry go round but it also delivers a poignant message from one of the surfers fathers. O so I am digressing, sorry!

In a nutshell  I have had this idea of fundrasing for The Sunflower Funsd for some time now and the what, when, how and why of it all seemed a bit daunting and quite scary at times!

This simple message from Rasta’s dad in aforementioned Surf Film Classic have always given me a reminder of sometimes just taking the plunge but doing so with the confidence and belief in what you are doing and having faith in your ability and the results.

Today was such a day after I  sent out my emailer to Friends, Family and Colleagues about my planned fundraising. I was so nervous that I sat checking and rechecking the email for spelling mistakes when I just decided enough is enough and hit the send button. 

I closed my eyes and starting stressing a bit about what the reaction would be. Within seconds (gotta love the internet) I got my reply! I had a wealth of replies with messages of support and even my first confirmations of sponsorship!!!!! Needless to say I breathed a rather large sigh of relief and started grinning like a Cheshire Cat, I even hooted and punched the air (I think I am now the confirmed loon in the office 🙂 )

So now onwards and upwards, I am so glad that I have shared something so wonderful and look forward to this journey we have undertaken together.

Thanks everyone for your support lets keep it going!




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Cape Town guy living and loving life under the African Sun. I blog about my passions outside of work. These are Running (trail running particularly), Triathlon, Surfing, life in South Africa and the sporting challenges and races I take part in. If you want to learn more about me go to
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