Snakes on….. the Dam??

So I am at my physio (Miranda) yesterday and we are discussing my latest niggle, training and Fundraising for The Sunflower Fund……

Anyways so I am busy telling her about my swims up at Silvermine Dam and how much I enjoy the serenity and surroundings of this beautiful place. Of course she reminds me that I should not be swimming on my own and safety should always come first. I stupidly laugh this off saying “I’m fine whats the worse that could happen!” perhaps pushing my luck by saying that she was begininning to sound like my mother 🙂 Though she is more like a big (ok little) sister. Her advice was falling on somewhat deaf ears until she said, with an absolute poker face, that she had heard of snakes taking a dip in the dam recently!

So I thought nonsense she is just trying to cool my solo swims. After all  I do watch a good deal of Animal Planet and National Geographic Wildlife programmes and dont recall hearing that all snakes can swim, surely she was having me on? Wrong!!!

When in doubt…. Google it!  So I did and I found an interesting article on avoiding watersnake confrontations!

Their advice “On land or water, giving snakes a wide berth will minimize your chances of being bitten”. Sounds like pretty good advice to me so I will keep my wits about me next time I am about to go for a dip. Perhaps I should holler a “hello I am going for a swim now so please make way” Maybe they will bite me anyway for disturbing the peace.

We shall see I am off to the dam later this afternoon so if you dont hear from me you know why!




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