Sharing Inspiration through Social media

The social media network is truly an amazing medium to explore and discover. In my short experience with twitter for example I have tweeted with some funny, amazing and more often than not inspiring people both locally in South Africa and others scattered around our global village. I have enjoyed sharing everyday life experiences with those I follow and whom follow me on twitter. Their experiences have made me laugh, cry, blush, think, change and even try or do something new.

Those reading this may already know that I have extended invites to all and sundry to share in a run, cycle or swim around our beautiful peninsula sometime. This past week was no different and was a great example of how using social media can hook you up with some amazing people and share an experience.

I had on a couple of occasions invited my physio and friend Miranda (who is busy training for Ironman) to join my regular cycling partner Jason and I on one of our outrides from Constantia Village. Now being the talented athlete but super modest person that she always is I admittedly had mixed emotions when Miranda confirmed to meet with us on the Tuesday morning. I was stoked she was joining us but also slightly concerned that Jason and I may be working extra hard to keep up with her! Thankfully we had a relaxed 45Km ride that took in a great deal of Constantia and some gentle hills including a brief stop up at Klein Constantia to admire the views. It was after all a beautiful morning with little wind so it was great to catch a breath and take it all in. We eventually parted company and I felt a little relieved that Jason and I still had legs to see the remainder of the day out.

It was later that day before my lunchtime run that I got a surprise but very welcome call from John McInroy (from redsockfriday fame) wanting to hook up for a cycle. I had been following John on twitter for some time and enjoyed hearing all about redsockfriday and the gees (spirit) he had been generating. I had DM’ed my cell number to John and via twitter we had arranged to meet Wednesday morning just up from Granger Bay. I arrived feeling quite excited about the ride as I had only ever ran or surfed on that side of the Atlantic before. It was an overcast morning with a slight chill coming in off the Atlantic but when John arrived we left that behind as we headed out towards Llandudno. It was a really energising ride filled with some great conversation, experiences and laughter and the 35km we cycled was over far too soon.

I am glad to say though that we will be catching up again on Saturday morning with Jason, Miranda and some redsockers that want to share the gees through cycling. So I have now joined up as a redsocker and am just waiting for my redsocks to make it official. How about you do the same!

John McInroy – Redsocker and Legend

So the invitation still stands if anyone wants to join me for a swim, bike or run. It doesn’t matter how slowly or fast we are I am just keen to get out there and share an experience or as Macky and the redsockers would say share the gees.

Enjoy the ride.




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