The Final Countdown ….. to the Argus Cycle Tour.

So I met with my friend Jason today (Friday 11th March) and headed on over to the Goodhope Centre in Cape Town (with the masses) to pick up my race number and goodie bag for the Argus Cycletour.

Strangely enough I had no butterflies or mini bolts of excitement when I arrived and the mood continued even when I picked up my number. It must be the most chilled I have been before any race or event that I have ever done, bizarre! My mood and excitement levels did improve however when I went upstairs into the main expo area and checked out the exhibitors it was overall pretty impressive and everything you may want was catered for. Ok almost everything as there wasn’t a Garmin stand which would have been good.

They had plenty of specials on all sorts of great stuff and I could’ve literally spent a small fortune. I really enjoyed chatting with the guys from Pepto Pro resulting in me buying some samples to try out post Argus and during my upcoming training days. I also purchased a new pair of gloves (my others are wrecked) in yellow and black to match my Sunflower Fund top and my bike too. I really will look like a bumblebee now haha. I checked some of the latest bikes and wheel sets on offer but found it a little intimidating speaking with some of the reps as I am still learning about cycling and my bike and the names of some of its parts. I think the funniest thing I saw before I left the expo were all the men lying on beds getting their legs waxed with a solid queue of more male victims waiting patiently for their turn. It was even more hilarious watching the women smiling as they watched and listened to these men grimacing and wincing their way through the experience. Why would you want to do that to yourself??

So I am not getting on the bike now until Sunday morning when I will meet up with Jason to head to the start. It’s going to be great for us to experience together as we entered together and have trained together regularly. It gets better as we will both be cycling in Sunflower Fund kit and colours. So what until then? I’ll probably go for a run and a swim today with another friend Warren and fellow Sunflower Fund supporter. Then on Saturday I will stretch my legs and get the cardio going with a 4km swim but I’ll only be touching my bike to clean it and make it shine for race day.

It feels great now as I type this and start to briefly reflect on the last 6 months and how far I have come. I have seen enormous improvements in not only my physical fitness and wellbeing but my cycling has come on in leaps and bounds since I started and I genuinely feel quite proud of that. More importantly though for me is how far I have come since I made a commitment to get actively involved with The Sunflower Fund. Without a doubt it has been one of the most fulfilling life experiences I have ever undertaken. The messages, phonecalls and overall show of support I have received from friends, family, colleagues, clients and even strangers all over the world has really inspired me to continue on and keep this journey going. The support has been so overwhelming and at times quite emotional yet also spiritual. The support has given me so much belief and self confidence in myself to want to continue to push my boundaries, achieve bigger things and improve on my fundraising activities and involvement with The Sunflower Fund. So the next big race and fundraising drive on my bucketlist cue the drumroll…… is Ironman South Africa 2012. We are heading up in April to do a recce (i will swim, cycle and run some of the course pre event day) but more than that we will be going there to support our friends and get inspired to one day be called an Ironman too. Let the training begin……. and now the butterflies and excitement has firmly kicked into overdrive!

Live your Dreams, Challenge the Impossible, Share your Experience and Change a Life even if it starts with your own.



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