Race Report – Cadiz Swim on Reconciliation Day

Cadiz Reconciliation Day Swim

So I took part in my 2nd Cadiz Swim series event on the recent Day of Reconciliation public holiday. The swim was held at Clifton 3rd Beach on the Atlantic Ocean side of Cape Town. I had been looking forward to the event since I first heard about it as the swims are always well organised, well attended and most importantly a fundraiser for charity.

The day of the swim arrived and it was a pearler of a day in Cape Town with a sunny day forecast with no wind and cool (not cold waters). We arrived at the beach to register and it was great to see so many familiar faces out in attendance. I chatted with @mohebo and @kez_delport while waiting to register and it was great to bump into @canerat whilst queuing to get my number inked. I registered for the 1.6km swim after being advised by my biokineticist to not do the 3.5km. I stood at the waters edge and watched as the field prepared for the start of the longer course. The 3.5km route was being used as a qualifier for the Freedom Swim in April (Robben Island to Blouberg) and there were a lot of Channel Rules swimmers in attendance. The 3.5km swimmers got going and I was envious not to be joining them on what looked like a great route.

Getting ready for the Miler start

I jumped in the water after they headed off and warmed up a little before the start of the miler. The water was a cool 13C and I was thankful not to be using my hoodie. We got underway and I eagerly headed into the water ducking under the small waves that welcomed us into the water.

Great conditions for the swim

The miler was a simple out and back to the first buoy with a clockwise turn. The water was beautifully smooth with only a small south west swell to contend with. I got carried away admiring the water visibility that was all the way to the bottom and drifted slightly off my line to the buoy. I trailed back and got on the tail of three swimmers and followed their bubbles to the buoy.  I turned the buoy and then headed back to the beach. It was great to be out in the Ocean swimming again and I was having the time of my life using the swells to glide through the water. I strayed off course once when I mistook Glen Beach  but thankfully realised I was off after spotting a female swimmer about 50m off to my left. I corrected and began following her the rest of the way.

The remainder of the swim was uneventful and it was pretty amazing coming out of the water to some clapping from spectators on the beach. I did feel slightly embarrassed though as a cameraman followed me out of the water and up to the official finish between the Cadiz flags.

Look I’m on TV

I went over to where @beanker was waiting and we watched and cheered the other swimmers from both courses come in. The first swimmer out of the water for the 3.5km was a wetsuit clad @bryanallot in a blistering 51 minutes though I didn’t admittedly know it was him at the time. He was followed a couple of minutes later by the first of the channel rules swimmers led by Callum Bell and then the first lady @clairehorner from @mytrainingday.

My Training Days Claire Horner

Claire’s protégées from @mytrainingday, @canerat, @kez_delport and @mohebo emerged from the water with smiles and I wondered how their experience of swimming around Barker Rock had been.

Always smiling thats Keri!

Morne looking relaxed

Adrian looking for T1

We stayed for a while longer on the beach and @mohebo introduced us to @bryanallott and his wife Lauren @momallott. It was fantastic to finally meet them in person as we had been chatting on twitter for some time. Prizegiving was up soon after and Callum Bell took the 3.5km route for the Channel Rules lot whilst @bryanallott took 1st place for the wetsuits. Claire Horner had another great day in the swim with her 1st place in the 3.5km and @kez_delport kept up her top 3 record with a 3rd place in the same distance. I was rather pleasantly surprised to hear i was 3rd wetsuit swimmer in the miler course in 25 minutes. Not a bad effort!

I did have a laugh that evening as I heard from a couple of people via the twitter network that I was on the news on TV. Apparently the media had covered the Cadiz event that day as it was a fundraiser for development swimmers that rose over R9000 and to feature what South Africans were doing on the Day of Reconciliation public holiday. It certainly was a fun day out and I hoped everyone did something that they enjoyed that day.

One thing to remember next time someone is pointing a camera at you, smile broadly and say hello. You may just end up on TV.



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One Response to Race Report – Cadiz Swim on Reconciliation Day

  1. adrian de Jonge says:

    Hey scotty, good read bud! thanks for the mention and a lekker photo!


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