The night before the night before

Yes its that time the time that at some point all runners must go through!

For the butterflies have come calling, the false aches and pains in the body have started niggling me or should that be gnawing me, and then the inevitable self doubt and ultimate ridiculous question has raised its ugly head, CAN I DO THIS? Yes its Marathon time again Scotty!

It’s been three years since I have run a Marathon on the road and I am slightly anxious about lining up on Sunday morning to take part in the Peninsula Marathon that is run from Cape Town to Simonstown. Having done a number of Marathon and Ultra Marathons on trail the t@r still holds many bad memories for me. I am not shy of admitting that beyond half marathon distance my performances over longer distances have been quite poor. I am also haunted to a degree by the ghosts of my last and only Ultra Marathon on the road (the Two Oceans) when the wheels fell off and I limped home with plantar fasciitis that eventually tore later that year. Mentally I am still scarred by that incident and my subsequent injury lay off that resulted in my not running for 6 months. Not being able to run was frustrating and depressing however from the pit of despair I formed a plan to come back stronger and in a position to conquer my demons.

I made a decision at Ironman South Africa in April 2011 that I wanted to do that event in 2012. Triathlon had given me a new lease on life on my comeback from injury and my running was all the stronger for it. I had taken part in a number of shorter distance triathlons and I felt both physically and mentally stronger due to a more rounded approach to my training. I was keen to take the step up from Olympic distance to Ironman distance and this meant that I would have to run a marathon on the road again. If I really wanted to do Ironman South Africa in 2012 I knew deep down that I would need to run a marathon before the event to make sure that I was fully prepared mentally and physically to take on the challenge.

So move on from last year and as I type this post I type it with belief. This week leading into the Peninsula Marathon has not been an easy one. The restless nights, the questions about my ability and my race plan on the day have all come into the mix. Hell I have even had a couple of niggles to deal with and I am still admittedly nervous about but enough of that and no more excuses!

I have prepared for the Peninsula Marathon, I am mentally and physically prepared and I will give it my best shot on the day because I believe in my ability.

We all know that running is not easy and running a Marathon is no different. After all the event was instituted after the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon that ran over 40km to Athens to deliver a message of victory before dying on the spot

I don’t plan on dying just yet, that would be a tragedy! I am however planning on enjoying a good day out with fellow runners each battling our demons and overcoming our own doubts and fears to achieve our goals on the day.

If you are out on Sunday look for me I will be the one wearing The Sunflower Fund top with a smile on my face conquering my demons on the way to achieving my own personal victory. I leave you with my words below and an image of Terry Fox and some words from this inspirational runner. (Google him if you dont know who he is!)

“With self-belief anything is possible!”




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Cape Town guy living and loving life under the African Sun. I blog about my passions outside of work. These are Running (trail running particularly), Triathlon, Surfing, life in South Africa and the sporting challenges and races I take part in. If you want to learn more about me go to
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2 Responses to The night before the night before

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  2. Brad Brown says:

    Hey Scott, all the best for tomorrow bro! I’m sure you are going to rock it.


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