Injury and making hard decisions

Running on trails on Black Hill


Its the one word any sportsman dreads and one that runners want to run away from. I write this post frustratingly but needing to get my thoughts of off my chest.

Its been nearly 3 weeks now since I fell badly on a training run ascending Table Mountain. I fooled myself into thinking it was a sprain but I knew it wasn’t so. The last time I had felt this much pain was when I was playing football in England close to 18 years ago.

The xrays showed no fracture and I saw Dr Jason Suter at Constantiaberg who confirmed I had torn my Anterior Tilofibular Ligament. I thank my lucky stars that I have hypermobility in my feet as it could have been so much worse with more limited range.

The swelling is still there, the pain is still there, I can’t load the foot and the range of movement is severely limited. Wednesday evening was my first time trying to exercise since my injury. I only managed 10 minutes on a stationary bike before the pain set in followed by more frustration. I carried on for another 10 minutes but had to stop. After speaking to both my trusted physio Miranda Symons and getting advice from Dr Suter I have decided to contact the PUFfeR committee today and withdraw my entry. PUFfeR is an iconic run limited to an entry of 125 runners and goes from Cape Point to the Waterfront covering 80kms along the Cape Peninsula trails and mountains.

It pains me so much to do this as I have trained so hard and was in the best physical condition I have been in. I really wanted to race well this year but I am now more concerned about proper rehabilitation and coming back stronger and fitter than ever. It seems a better choice to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy this great run. There will be another PUFfeR and R2D2 (my PUFfeR number) will see another race.

La Maquina

What I will miss most though are the trails and getting to explore our beautiful Cape Peninsula. The freedom and the inner peace I feel when running in nature’s beauty. The opportunity for my mind to quieten and the feeling of fulfilment as my soul revitalises and is filled with joy.

I am gone from the trails but for a little while take care of my soul while my body and mind heals.

Love what you do




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Cape Town guy living and loving life under the African Sun. I blog about my passions outside of work. These are Running (trail running particularly), Triathlon, Surfing, life in South Africa and the sporting challenges and races I take part in. If you want to learn more about me go to
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7 Responses to Injury and making hard decisions

  1. Rob Burgoyne says:

    I walked away from Aussenkehr, in peak fitness because of a similar injury… I had spent so much time and effort getting myself there… I feel your pain. All the best with your recovery! 🙂


    • scotttait says:

      Thanks Rob really appreciate your message. I’ve been a bit of a hermit of late. Going from peak fitness to being broken has been hard but I am thankful to be able to see some improvement this week. It will be a while still but I’ll get there! All the best


  2. Moira Oliver says:

    Hi Scott
    I understand your frustration and know that pulling out of Puffer is huge But, you are making the right decision. So do what you have to do and maybe we can get back on the trails at the same time!


  3. kristian tait says:

    Wow you have come along way from the brother I grew up with, from your moving words on your passion for running and also cycling along with some of the posts I have seen via face book I can see you truly have become a new man and seem to be at one with yourself I am truly proud to call you my brother and hope u regain a full recovery from your injury soon so that you continue with your enjoyment and tranquility that comes with your running

    You have accomplished so much I doubt I would ever have the resolve even the will power to do what you have done keep your chin up boetie and you will prevail .

    All my love your boetie



  4. Phillip Gibb says:

    Sorry man, all the best in recovering and working towards a great comeback


  5. Ghaleed says:

    Reblogged this on Running The Cape 2012 and commented:
    I feel your pain Scott! Would have loved to do PUFfeR but I can’t. Would have loved to do Hout Bay Trail Challenge but I can’t. Injured!!


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