Ultra Running dreams

going up?

going up?

So Saturday I did another preparation run for the Silvermine XL Trail Run as part of the Cape summer trail series that I am taking part in on 9 February.

I have been looking forward to the run for some time as its a longer distance trail race (36km) taking in the trails that I run on most weekends. It will no doubt be a challenging course and will test my steadily improving trail fitness.

So whilst on my run puffing up another climb my mind started wandering. I started thinking about other trails I want to run, races I’d like to take part in and when I would eventually achieve my ultimate goal in trail running. The 100 miler.

There have been many moments when I have thought yes I can, no I can’t or am I crazy. I am sure this internal battle will continue until I eventually decide to just go out train properly and enter a 100 miler and believe I will finish it.

I finished off my run of 20kms feeling quite tired and thinking how on earth could I even think about doing another 140kms from there. I came home and read my twitter time line looking for some further inspiration.

@trailandultra often have an #ultrachat that puts trail runners from around the globe in discussion about all things trail. I have picked up a lot of great tips and info from the discussions and got inspiration from other runners achieving their goals.

Yesterdays #ultrachat (between the Superbowl) ranged from “If only for _________ , I could run more races. (fill in the blank)” to “what colour is your pee?” lol. One question that got me thinking was what is the superbowl of Trail running. I could think of many multi stage races but far fewer ‘one day’ events. Two that popped straight into my head though were the Western States 100 miler and the Leadville 100. Unlikely that I will ever get to run in them but they have provided plenty of inspiration reading about them in books, blogs and magazines.

I then saw a tweet by @Beyond_ACTN3 who had just completed the Rocky Road 100 miler in 24h with some small change. He tweeted a picture of his buckle and I sent him a congratulatory reply. It got me thinking about the 100 mile distance again and I went to sleep thinking about nothing else except trail running and being out in nature facing a momentous challenge.

My sleep last night was interrupted with a nightmare that I still have no recollection of. I’m secretly hoping that it wasn’t about running 100 miles though. I respect the distance and have admiration and respect for those that have conquered it. Only time will tell where and how far my trail running takes me. Right now though I am happy being back out there challenging myself and improving with each and every run I do. I will focus on the trails for 2013 and see how my endurance and strength improves.

I will get there one day of that I am sure.

quick surf check

quick surf check

this little guy was quite nimble

this little guy was quite nimble

still a way to go

still a way to go


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