Trail Junkee and the Tempo Tuesday Run

Steenberg Peak

Tempo Tuesday Trail Run

It was another beautiful day in Cape Town today with no wind, clear skies and the warm african sun to savour. I was keen to go and run some trails at Silvermine and had heard about a Tempo Tuesday run that had recently been started by Trail Junkee. So what is Trail Junkee all about well in the words of experienced trail runner Jackie Exton “Our goal at TrailJunkee is to enable ABSOLUTELY ANYBODY to experience the joy and sheer exhilaration of being on TRAIL!!”. They even have some great longer distance trail runs for those wanting to do a qualifier for PUFfeR or to just experience the many great trails the Cape Peninsula have to offer. That’s another blog post so before I digress………


Another beautiful day in Cape Town


Running in heaven

I called Jackie and said I was keen to join in on this evening’s 5.5km tempo tuesday run so she told me to meet her up at the Silvermine South car park at 5:30pm and she would show me the route. I packed my Nathan hydration belt with a bottle of water as the temperature  was approaching 30C and its always good to be prepared. So 5:30pm came along and I had a brief catch up with Jackie before heading off on a recce of the route at a relaxed pace.

The route starts from Silvermine Car Park starting at the 2nd boom and heads on the jeep track before taking the single track to the left that leads up to Steenberg Peak. The trail is runnable until it begins to ascend sharply up through a ‘stepped path’ with a mixture of large and small flat and sometimes jagged sandstone rocks. The ascent of roughly 200m in just under a 1km doesnt sound like a lot but I can imagine doing this at a quicker pace would certainly be a challenge. Once at the top the trail has a couple of speed bumps and twists and turns before it descends down a nice single track mixed with some sand and small rocks. Just before reaching the bottom and the junction with the jeep track at the top of Muizenberg there is a sharp right turn where you effectively turn around and go straight back up another single track towards the top of Steenberg Peak from where you came.

The way up is runnable but on a steady incline and throwing caution to the wind I decided to take it on. All was well and good until 3/4 of the way to the top my hammies decided enough was enough and went on strike. I decided to walk a little and take in the views and enjoy the views across the valley below.


Does it get any better than this!

Jackie and I continued on to the top and then took a left path that led us through a narrow corridor between two large rocks. Eventually we hit the junction that signalled our descent back down to the car park. Thankfully my legs were feeling ok at this stage and I had a blast skipping down the same rocky path that I had only descended a couple of days before at the Silvermine XL Trail Run. I stopped a couple of more times on the way down unable to resist the temptation to take a few photos as the views were fantastic. It was a warm evening with no wind and I certainly worked up a sweat getting around the course Jackie had devised. We arrived back at the car park and chatted about the route and what other runs Trail Junkee have got planned going forward. I even got to try the Junkee Bar a 40 gram 50/50 Date and Almond Bar, cold pressed with no added sugar. It was a welcome bit of food after I missed my late afternoon snack and tasted fantastic.

Here is my garmin connect record of my run and the route

There are some very interesting runs coming up starting with the Deep South Peak to Point Trail Run (46km) in March! Again that  is another post so watch this space! Remember Tempo Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Silvermine South Car Park (off Ou Kaapse Weg) for more info check out or email


A beautiful place to run trails


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