Demystifying the Tour de France – The Fizik Saddle

Fizik’s animal saddles!

For those that follow cycling and the incredible endurance event of the Tour de France some may know to what I am alluding. For those that don’t a quick humorous story.

So the Tour de France started over two weeks ago. We all have our favourite cyclists we like to watch and mine include Chris Froome, Peter Sagan and Mark Cavendish. So it was with great interest this year when @beanker and I saw Cannondale’s kit at the start and began over thinking the reference on each cyclists shorts to a particular animal namely Bull, Snake and Chameleon.

We immediately believed at the time that each animal on the shorts of the rider was some deep seated meaning (excuse the play on words) relating to that cyclists strength or ability. For example Bull for Peter Sagan we thought was aptly named being the leader of the team and a such a strong sprinter. Snake we attributed to the racing snake/sprinter in the team and chameleon being left for the mountain specialists. Yes pretty foolish to those that know Le Tour and the actual reference Fizik was making. So here is an explanation for those not in the know from Fizik…..

The Cannondale Pro Cycling team will be riding the Tour de France on Fizik saddles bearing a white graphic of either a bull, a snake or a chameleon. This is to promote the Spine Concept that Fizik use to help you decide on the right saddle for you.
We’ve explained the concept before but, in brief, Fizik reckon that you should choose a saddle based partly on your spine flexibility. If you have a highly flexible spine you’re a snake and the best saddle for you is an Arione.

If you have medium flexibility you’re a chameleon and you should be on an Antares.

If you have low flexibility you’re a bull and should be on an Aliante. Peter Sagan for example, is a bull according to Fizik’s classification.

As well as a Fizik logo on the rear panel of each rider’s shorts, they’ll have the animal name printed there. Innovative thinking from Fizik’s marketing department.
Yes having read this now it of course makes sense and makes our reasoning sound quite ridiculous. We did have a chuckle at ourselves and still felt that our explanation was a bit more fun.

This aside I have really enjoyed this years tour most notably for the fact that South Africa’s Darryl Impey held the coveted yellow jersey for two stages. What a boytjie!

Enjoy Le Tour


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