Starting over

Rising from the ashesI was going to post about my day out today at Slanghoek but that can wait a moment. Earlier this week on Monday I had originally taken the decision to pull out of Slanghoek.

Its been a rocky 2013 for me with injury setbacks aplenty and I was still on a downer when I took the initial decision not to take part. Its amazing though how a couple of days, some perspective and discussions with the right people in your corner can make a difference. My long suffering coach Diana from @dinamiccoaching has been incredibly patient and supportive over the last few months and has helped me with something that i have long struggled with, belief!

The belief for me is multi faceted but at the top has been the lack of belief that I will turn the injury corner at some point. Its been many years of ups and downs and much of it has been self inflicted by not having structure and the right guidance. The past couple of months have been so bad that I wanted to throw in the towel and call it a day. So what changed?  This is where @dinamiccoaching have come in and provided guidance and a plan on how to get this injury monkey off my back so to speak. In the space of a couple of weeks I am starting to feel like I am turning the proverbial corner and finally believe that there is an end in sight. Along with Diana and Neil I have put a lot of belief in my strength and conditioning coach Greg Hunt. A truly top drawer professional who has risen to the challenge of getting me on track and discovering what has been at the route of my problems. In the space of several weeks i have felt a significant ‘shift’ in elements of my fitness in that they are coming together and the existing injuries and weaknesses i have are setttling down.

This Dinamic trio have finally given me the belief that I now have an improved platform to work from going forward. There are still a lot of rungs on the ladder to climb to where I want my fitness to be but with the belief that I can get there now its only a question of time.


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